Friday, December 9, 2011

making my daughter's first birthday invitations

Throttle and curse.  Handmixed paint purpling our hands.  Washing away with the garden hose.  Mineral spirited.  The form inking the timpin.  The paper slipping, forgotten pins.  The sweetest and bittiest laughing from her high chair as her mama and papa trouble shoot.  Forgetting the Kelsey guide scanned onto my laptop. 

Hands up.  In the basement of MCBA again, the patient guidance of M.  The heavy sound of rollers.  Adjusting and settling.  Inking the form, adjusting the height, sliding one card after another.  After another.  Catching prints.  An overshoot (twenty-seven in the mail).  Extras to wallpaper the baby book.

Enclosures:  Maya at two months, Maya at ten months.  A bear each time.  A run of beckonings.  Making by hand.  A house of spirits.