I am interested in the juxtaposition of parenthood and writing (mainly poetry), which is why I started Balancing the Tide: Motherhood and the Arts | an Interview Project
I'm more interested in what others have to say, so here is a humble but growing list, some resources where those two worlds are combined in the best of ways:

- Not for Mothers Only
- The Grand Permission:  New Writings on Poetics and Motherhood

- Blue Jay's Dance: A Birth Year by Louise Erdrich
- Great With Child:  Letters to a Young Mother by Beth Ann Fennelly
- Of Woman Born: Motherhood as Experience and Institution by Adrienne Rich
- Black Milk: On Writing, Motherhood, and the Harem Within by Elif Shafak
(my own:  Nestuary, which you can find here)

Poetry collections I have turned to which touch on motherhood, the body as a(n) (in)fertile site, etcetera:
- The Mother's Tongue by Heid E. Erdrich
- Tender Hooks by Beth Ann Fennelly
- The First Flag by Sarah Fox
- The Narrow Road to the Interior by Kimiko Hahn
- Gloryland by Anne Marie Macari
- The Resurrection Trade by Leslie Adrienne Miller
- Hecate Lochia by Hoa Nguyen
- The Wellspring by Sharon Olds (& others)
- The Mother/Child Papers by Alicia Ostriker 
- Iatrogenic:  Their Testimonies by Danielle Pafunda
- Up at Two by Frances Phillips
- King Baby by Lia Purpura
- Plot by Claudia Rankine
- Blue Positive by Martha Silano
- This Noisy Egg by Nicole Walker
- The Last Clear Narrative and Museum of Accidents by Rachel Zucker
- Home / Birth by Arielle Greenberg and Rachel Zucker

Poetry collections on my bedside table:
- Milk Dress by Nicole Cooley
- Mother Love by Rita Dove
- Natural Birth by Toi Derricotte
- books by Arielle Greenberg
- more Rachel Zucker

Others on my bedside table:
- Anthology:  Minding the Body
- Women's Studies Quarterly: Mother (fall/winter 2009)

Literary Journals:
- Hip Mama
- Literary Mama
- Stealing Time
- The Mom Egg

Online essays:
- Beyond this Point There Be Dragons:  A Conversation with Eula Biss, Suzanne Buffam, and Lisa Olstein (on VIDA)
- A Curious Thing:  Motherhood, Confidence, and Getting the Work Done (on VIDA) by Lynn Melnick
- Brooklyn + Poets + Moms! (on Harriet) by Laura Sims
- One's Own Vehicle by Nadia Colburn (Oxford Journals)

I should add that my criteria for putting books on this list focused on craft as well as subject matter and that these books and sources would be a pleasure for any reader looking for good literature as opposed to simply mama-minded poet-types.


Emily Brisse said...

Oh, Molly. How I love these lists. Lists and maps and random internet-hopping eves. I am 20 weeks pregnant. What book should I read next?

Molly said...

Hi Emily! I would start with the anthology The Grand Permission and definitely get your hands on a copy of Beth Ann Fennelly's Great With Child. Then dig into some of those individual poetry collections and enjoy!--the Not for Mothers Only anthology is excellent too.

Over on my blog that I keep about my family, I have a list of books I recommend on parenting in general and will soon add a list there of favorite books Maya and I have been reading:

Thanks for stopping by and I look forward to exploring your space on the internet too!