Wednesday, December 7, 2011

five things

1/  Specter's Issue 4 has come out and my poems "Prenatal Class" and "Things to do Around My Uterus" are in it. Both come from the third section of the manuscript.  [note:  as of right now, there are some wonky formatting issues with the poems, but I've emailed requesting a correction!]

2/  My poem "Albatross" (fourth section of the ms.) was a finalist for the Milton Kessler Poetry Prize at Harpur Palate and will appear in Issue 11.2.  I got the proof today--very exciting!

3/ A set of my poems are among five finalist-sets and are moving on in the H.O.W. Journal's writing contest final round, judged by Honor Moore.  Fingers and such crossed.

4/  I will participate again in judging the Minnesota Book Awards.  This is my second year; last year's winner in poetry, Find the Girl by Lightsey Darst, is urgent and phenomenal.  I also loved Connie Wanek's elegant book, On Speaking Terms.

5/  A friend of mine left this link on my Facebook page:  poetry bombing:  clothing labels with poems printed on them are sewn clandestine[ly] in local thrift stores.  (Thanks, Kyrie!)

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Denise | Chez Danisse said...

Good news! And I like the poetry labels.