Tuesday, December 4, 2012

book arts festival + ms chats + thai

The weekend before Thanksgiving, Meryl and I went to MCBA, where the doors were opened to book arts.  Meryl and Shawn have some work there, and, of course, the work of Regula Russelle and CB Sherlock impressed me the most.  I could spend hours just gazing at it.  Perhaps, one day, we'll live on a bit patch of land, and I'll transform some abundant shed into a bitty poetry house slash book artist's haven. 

See: In the Sand, Sweet Grass, Labyrinths, History of the Atmosphere

We went upstairs into an empty Loft classroom to chat about our chapbook manuscripts.  I felt so blessed to have read hers, as well as the full-length she's recently started sending out--they're so rich and her subjects are so compelling.  And she had some wise things to say about my own, so I think it will be a stronger chapbook come publication time.

After, we met Opal and her mother and her friend Emily for Thai and we talked about Catholicism, and this fueled my writing of the Hurricane Sandy poem--there's something about a good conversation with friends carrying you into a poem you've been wanting to write but hadn't known how to approach that really feels good.

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