Wednesday, July 11, 2012

six things

1/  My poem "Almost" will be in Verse Wisconsin's paper issue, and my poem "Two Women in Turquoise" will be in their online issue on politics.  The second poem is about when Hillary Clinton and Aung San Suu Kyi met in December of last year and the title came from reading this article:  "Why we don't pay attention to women."

2/ "the doctor leaves messages" was accepted in the new magazine The New Megaphone.  

3/  You can read my poem "Twenty-seven" at Antiphon.

4/  It's an honor to be mentioned in Edurado and Kara's blogs about those posts on beauty.

5/  Did you know there is a code of best practices in fair use for poetry?

6/  Old news, but I'm glad Natasha Tretheway is poet laureate
Ms. Trethewey’s great theme is memory, and in particular the way private recollection and public history sometimes intersect but more often diverge. “The ghost of history lies down beside me,” she writes in one of her poems, “rolls over, pins me beneath a heavy arm.”

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