Friday, May 2, 2014

lory state park: waterfall trail, north eltuck bay

The kids rolled up their pant legs and waded in the water.  We have two SLRs now, so you get to see me in photographs once in a while too, which I am bearing, as I do understand the littles will want to know they had a mama growing up, even if she spent most of her time behind the lens.  I'd rather look at my husband's handsome face.  The sun was out, full force, the fields brittle from winter melt.  Ryan climbed up the rocks to get a better vantage point; it never surprises me to see him scuttling up and up.  There's no wonder where our daughter gets it.  I love that last photograph of her.  I was spoiled by Meryl, who carried Finn much of the way.  Spoiled.  Look at the sky.  Look at the sky.

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