Thursday, September 12, 2013

fiber arts: the milkweed project

I never looked to find the finished product.  Several years ago, I relentlessly worked at a one-hundred-and-forty-six foot crocheted--oh, what could I call it?  Leash?  Tether?  Strap?  It's just a long thing, and I took some photos (which you can see here) and sent it off one state over.  I meant it to be a kind of anchor and in images such as this and this, I think you can see it, doing its work of holding up other pieces. 

I share this now not because I'm at a lack of things to share here--if I had more time, I'd post every day--but because sometimes my act of writing poetry quiets, hibernates, and this is the kind of thing I do instead.  Mostly, it's into practical things like blankets and dishcloths and little knit kicking bags, but I have a strong interest in how the domestic can be translated into the installation.

Here, we have such a strong combination of my own interests:  domestic art, the museum installation, and the natural world.

Some of the individual pieces are just remarkable.  You can see posts featuring some of them on the project's website.

My own:

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