Saturday, April 13, 2013

bookshelf: two minutes of light by nancy k pearson

reeling in small loaves / of sunlight (3)

a field of birds-- / black wings breaking a sure hunk of sky / into a thousand parts (3)

only muscle scars where the fruit once hinged (5)

When he hit the water, / his backbones tangled like water root. (28)

I hold on / to a small tangerine, I unwrap the orange collars (29)

glassy nap (34)

the moon orphans all those stars (40)

the sea is / a white forest of lungs (45)

the engagement of gliding tendons / the elbow holding its soft cup // of veins (52)

PS:  Nancy K Pearson's biography boasts that she is "originally from Chattanooga, Tennessee."  So am I.  ♡  I originally discovered Pearson's book when I considered signing up for a 24Pearl Street class on the personal in poetry, but I missed the boat on applying.  Perhaps I'll get a chance again in the future; I really loved this book and would love to work with the poet, particularly on this topic.