Thursday, February 14, 2013


For the first years of my relationship with Ryan, Valentine's Day was V-Day, the campus campaign of The Vagina Monologues, which I helped produce throughout my undergraduate days.

Maya even had a V-Day onesie (and soon, our little tadpole will have one in the mass of gender-neutral hand-me-downs we have). 

Now Eve Ensler has brought us a new project, One Billion Rising.  And there are folks who eschew it.  And folks who then defend it.  And me?  I say celebrate anything that can bring empowerment of women, can unite all genders in this cause, can make this world a little closer to safer and a bit more proud for my daughter.  And my son (who isn't here yet, but he will be, any day now).

(And because I'm such a sucker for cause-tshirts, I ordered some kind of shirt for the four of us.  Mine's the best:  a zip-up hoodie.  Shh.)

More importantly:

Annie Finch wrote a poem for today

Rosario Dawson made a promotional video for the event.

And so many others responding in beautiful, artistic ways.  I'm so glad these women exist, that are in a world where I raise my children.

Happy V-Day, friends.  ({})

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