Wednesday, October 10, 2012

several things

I've fallen behind in updating the poems I've recently had accepted, so here is a little list:

“Boulevard Brewing Co.” and “Renaming the Newborn” 
             (reprint, Literary Mama)
“This Is the Body Rewriting Itself” (Loch Raven Review, 2012)
“Middle Sand Lake” (Southampton Review, 2012)
“Boulevard Brewing Co.” (Hip Mama, 2012)
“Feeding Fragments,” “Reasonable Birth Choices,” and “Tilt-a-girl”
(27 rue des fleures, 2012)
“Killing the Dress” (Women’s Studies Quarterly, 2012)
“Offal,” “The Clinic” and “Chromosomal Geography” 
           (Trivia: Voices of Feminism, 2012)

Other things:

1/  Read "Skin Canoes" by Carolyn Forche.  So gorgeous.

2/  Sharon Olds will be at Rain Taxi's Twin Cities Book Festival this weekend, and I couldn't be more shivery with excitement.

3/  Have I shared that my friend Meryl not only has an AWP panel this year but also got her chapbook accepted by dancing girl press, to be published some time early next year?  She's pretty amazing, and I'm glad a wider audience will get to see it too.

4/  As I've been saying, rather sillily, my "poetry mojo" is back.  I think I hibernated much of this summer, exhausted from the pregnancy, but I think this Loft mentorship has given me the opportunity to refuel, and now the world is coming at me in poetry snippets and I'm writing full-length poems again and submitting with hope.

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