Sunday, October 21, 2012

poetry date: izzy's ice cream

A little celebration that includes the vegans:  congratulations to Meryl, whose chapbook is coming out next year, and congratulations to Opal, who legally changed her name on Thursday. 

(My ice cream was decidedly not vegan, but instead chocolate peanut butter with an Izzy-scoop of cookies & cream.  Also, I do not have two cones because I am a greedy pregnant lady; I have two cones because I am a klutzy pregnant lady.  I shattered the first cone as soon as the teenage kid behind the counter handed it to me, but he was awfully sweet about it.  Two years ago about this time, I shattered a chair while pregnant with Maya, so I suppose this is a bit less embarrassing.)

We took a walk down to the river, where we continued our conversation:  about chapbook plans, about the mentorship, about writing together, about local writers (and strange egos). 

It was a quiet date, as far as our get-togethers go--subdued.  Sometimes I think that's exactly what one needs, though.  We each have our own chaos--Opal is teaching yoga and nannying, Meryl is mid-semester, and I'm juggling a toddler and a pregnancy.  Ice cream and the warmth of autumn sun and reminding each other of what's keeping us busy as poets, just touching base--it's certainly crucial.  I know, often, I let myself feel accountable in this way--to report to these two, though this summer's hibernation was a report too, and that's OK.

I love this photo, by the way, of the two of them.  ♡

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