Monday, September 24, 2012

crystal caves

I love when our schedules synch up and we get a chance to explore a little of the world around us.  This time, Opal, Meryl, and I met up at Crystal Caves in Wisconsin, where we got to see plenty of bats, stand beneath a mud puddle, touch fossils, listen to the corny jokes of the geology-student-tour-guide's, and purchase small plush bats for the loved toddlers in our lives.

We also panned for gems.  For an extra purchase, you can buy a bag of dirt that you sift through and can identify the gem-chips within (Meryl had proclaimed, pre-trip, that she wanted to put one in her mouth, which reminds me of a certain Neverending Story character):

We went to Menomonie's Acoustic Cafe after, had a little something to eat, wrote lines of poetry about caves and naming and murky water.

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