Friday, May 18, 2012

tracy k smith

Opening night of the Loft Literary Center's 2012 Poetry Conference.  Above:  signing Meryl's book.

We learned of how she learned of winning the Pulitzer (on her birthday):  her husband was out with the dog and saw it in the newspaper.  She confessed, with a title like this, one had to know of her love for David Bowie.  

She read from Life on Mars, and lines struck me:  "looming like a wound from the ocean floor" (the sound!) and "the earth gunning it around the sun"

On balancing motherhood and the writing life:  "new lens, new sense of the weight of things"

On getting out of writing ruts:  "It's time to let another source feed me" ... "sometimes those other forms can give me a new vocabulary" ... "for me, it's often about answering back"


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