Sunday, April 15, 2012

platen press, rerun

I took this class before.  But then, I went and had a baby, and just about everything leaked out of my sidewinder brain, so I've refreshed myself and discovered her birthday cards didn't turn out because:  I was overinking the form, I had forgotten the gauge pins entirely, the arms were flapping in the wind, and I hadn't been removing the form while inking the platen.  Thus:  a giant mess, resulting in purpling the carpet.

I don't plan to make large, elaborate projects; I have the bittiest press on the used market.  But I do love the miniature broadside, perhaps when my friend made this with one of my poems.

On an unrelated note:  my thesis manuscript, along with freshly written essay and booklist, will be turned in tomorrow, though likely not by me, as I have conjunctivitis in both eyes and a fever.  I wink out from crusted eyelids to say:  Hooray!  I also, interestingly enough, ran out of regular paper (after, literally, a half dozen years of always having too much paper) and thus, the manuscript has been printed on cardstock, but I don't think my advisors will mind so very much.

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