Sunday, February 26, 2012

my friend opal is brave and has a beautiful voice

Last night, our little family traveled up to Minneapolis to meet at the Red Sea, where my dear friend Opal C. McCarthy, along with her friend and fellow yoga-instructor Molli Ocea, performed in their first concert together.  I love it when strong women band together to create something brilliant:  here, we had poetry, we had acoustic guitar and lovely voices, all with a fairy tale theme.  (I think of Angela Carter and other retellings.)  I wish my own voice were so strong and not prone to falling into the earplug-needing variety.  But I'd listen to Molli and Opal all the time, and I hope their projects lead them to recording, because I could imagine their music being something wonderful to share with Maya at home.  For now, I'm content to watch my daughter, who is heading into the fourteen-month-old territory, skitter about the bar room floor, chasing the wild lights and saying HI! to the Somali men playing pool in the next room.

(via cell phone)
Video 1:  Airship
Video 2:  Opal solo

Ryan asked how I was feeling on our drive home and I said, "Warm and fuzzy," and he asked if I'd had a Jack-and-Coke as well.  No, no, just content, filled up with happiness at having seen the first of what I hope will be many evenings of music, happy that Maya was so curious and wild, happy that I'm lucky enough to be friends with someone whose work I admire so deeply.

So proud of you, Opal.  And Molli too!

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