Wednesday, February 29, 2012

hello, chicago!

Our little family has arrived, not without some difficulty (oh winter, unplowed roads, oh spinny spinning car, oh thank you for not ending in the ditch, oh thank you sweet husband who coaxed me through in the gentlest of ways, oh me, a winter warrior now) and we are staying in a very peach room on Michigan Avenue.

We are listening to the wind snap around the fifteenth floor and plotting our next few days.  I wouldn't mind a trip to the Field Museum.

We also have two of my best friends sharing the room with us--Opal and Meryl--so it will be a lovely slumber party.  We'll fill up on panels and readings and the book fair and off-site events and receptions (and see if we survive).

on roots + wings:  chicago trip, day 1

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