Friday, November 4, 2011

dream of a perfect interface (four)

Here it is:  Meryl's project in all its complete glory.  There's something fantastically surreal seeing one of your dearest friend's work on display in the Center for Book Arts' Gallery like that, to know you got to observe it in many stages, to feel that edgy pride in something she's accomplished.

Meryl read her poem to the crowd.  She charmed us (and I crushed on her fabulous dress).

There was work on topography by a sculptor / textile artist.

And, not so long ago, there was the sprawl of September afternoon happiness, the call and answer project by video artist Amanda, who was spotting a smaller baby bump at the time, and above, the culmination at MCBA, where Sia is listening in on the video, and my own daughter Maya is touching fingers with the artist herself.

There was a project focusing on surreptitious cell phone videos taken from a metro bus.

There was a project titled Dark Matter, which was accompanied by haunting photographs.

And work by a performance artist, which invited the audience to write a message and put it into a bottle.  My omission involved some narrative about the cheese and half-eaten pickle I had in my pocket, from where my daughter dropped them onto the floor, and I omit them from her mouth.

And good company.  A great deal of work went into this project, much talent, much learning.  The curve was steep and difficult, but in the end, I think the voices of these artists merged in a really lovely way with the book arts.

And, of course, as my family was my date, I did cull the family photos into a post on the blog I write on mamahood:  maya's second art opening.

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