Tuesday, October 11, 2011

four things

This chip of bark reminds me of some quiet communication--Morse code, musical notations, poetry scansion.   

1/  I've become assistant poetry editor at Midway Journal.  Send us some poems!  I've already read through a stack of submissions; I feel so good returning to that process, the discussion and conversation.

2/  Two poems of mine, "Things To Do Around My Uterus" and "Prenatal Class" will appear in Specter Magazine.  I'll post a link when they're up.

3/  I've started the MCBA Core Certificate Program.  I've always felt energized after the courses there, so this seems a logical step.  Of course, reigning in that buzzing brain will be the real trick, as I've got pinging ideas for projects galore.

4/  Karen's book, which is gorgeous (have I mentioned that yet? that it's gorgeous? because it is), is coming out in January, and I wrote the reading group guide questions.  Perhaps you have a book club, looking for a selection that might electrify, or, at the very least, give a little tingle.

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